Ezoic 2022- Better Than Google AdSense?

Ezoic is not an ad network. The ads used in the tests come from thousands of networks, ad exchanges and advertisers. The largest share comes from Google Ad Exchange.

Ezoic Review: What is Ezoic? With Ezoic you can monetize your blog and earn money from your blog sitting at home, it protects your blog from hackers, fraudsters and bots, increases website speed, improves your artificial intelligence technology. It enhances the user experience and doubles and triples your blog earnings Do you know what Ezoic is? How does Ezoic work?

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a California-based technology company and Google publishing partner that helps website owners optimize websites using artificial intelligence. Ezoic’s AI helps intelligently test ad positions, improve page speed, SEO, mobile web and more. Ezoic is known for its AI Monetization (Ad Tester) which intelligently improves a website’s ad revenue with just a few steps.

What is Ezoic used for?

As briefly mentioned above, most people use Izoic for content monetization. While this is the feature that people are most interested in, many people started using Ezoic as an all-in-one solution for their blogs and websites. Thanks to their constant development of new features, Ezoic offers you almost everything you need to manage and improve your content.

Their big data analytics is a very powerful tool to help you better understand what content is working and what isn’t, which will ultimately help you fine-tune your content strategy to drive more traffic to your business and increase your ad revenue at the same time. Enables adjustment. Using all the features that Ezoic offers can help you get ahead of your competition that doesn’t have this wide range of tools in its repertoire, you’ll learn more about it in this Ezoic review.

What is the difference to Google AdSense?

The biggest difference between AdSense and Ezoic is the payment model. Anyone who uses AdSense knows that Google only pays for clicks. Ezoic takes a different approach and pays for ad impressions, i.e. visual interaction with the ad. So the visitor no longer needs to click on the ad, it is enough if he is shown the ad on the website. This makes Ezoic more attractive. Compared to AdSense, using Ezoic increases revenue by an average of 50 percent.

However, this does not mean that website operators have to give up access to AdSense completely. With Ezoic, AdSense remains active, but competes against all other networks. This is possible through Google’s Ad Exchange and Ezoic’s header bidding and mediation. Another difference lies in the measurement of advertising revenue: AdSense depends on RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Page Views).

Ezoic, on the other hand, uses EPMV (Revenue Per Thousand Visitors). With EPMV, the entire session is taken into account, and more reliable statements can be made about website performance – and appropriate changes can be made. Unlike a pure ad network, Ezoic also considers the visitor experience and thus acts in the interest of the website operator.

Ezoic Review


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How much does Ezoic cost?

The Ezoic platform is free for all website operators. Ad Tester comes with a 30-day free trial and is subsequently credited with 10% of ad revenue or a small text ad at the bottom of the page. Those who use Ezioc do not sign any contracts and have no obligations. Those who test Ezoic and are dissatisfied can switch back to another system without any problems.

Ezoic Approval

How to Connect Ezoic cloudflare ?

In Ezoic you get free cloud hosting services, which is very beneficial for your Google Core Web. Now you don’t need to use any plugin and javascript without any means.

How do I integrate my site with Ezoic?
Today, it is important to have a fully integrated site that works with cache plugins and a CDN provider. Ezoic is exactly that and offers additional functionality such as integrating and displaying unique ads on your website. This article will cover the important things you need to know about Ezoic and how to integrate it into your website, here at WPX.

Can I use Ezoic with WPX hosting?
Yes, you can use Ezoic or any other third party platform like Cloudflare and our WPX XDN. As Ezoic focuses on developing and empowering users to use ads to support their businesses and traffic, it does not focus much on content distribution.

Having a fully dedicated content delivery network is essential and this is where WPX XDN comes in. You can integrate it and use it with Ezoic at the same time, which will allow you to benefit from our back-end functionality and ad integration. their destiny.

Ezoic integration uses nameservers.
The first option to integrate your website with Ezoic would be through DNS – NS records. This method allows you to use the Ezoic CDN network and features.

To complete the integration you will need to create and log into your Ezoic account where you will need to find the specific nameservers that need to be changed.

The last step will be to log into your domain registrar where you manage your domain and make the necessary changes.

 ezoic cloudflare

If you want to use our WPX XDN with Ezoic, you will need to manually add the necessary A records to your account, so that it can continue to work properly.

More on Ezoic’s integration with nameservers can be found here.

Integration of Ezoic and Cloudflare.
If you already have a Cloudflare account, you can easily connect to Ezoic without changing any DNS records.

Ezoic is a certified Cloudflare partner that makes the process very easy. When you create an account with Ezoic, it will immediately recognize that the site uses Cloudflare CDN. From there, you will be asked to connect both accounts with a username and password that will complete the process.

More on the Ezoic integration by Cloudflare can be found here.

Ezoic integration with WordPress plugin.
There is also a way to connect Ezoic to your WordPress site with a plugin. Keep in mind that this process is slow and may cause plugin conflict issues.

The plugin is by Ezoic and comes with some cache features that will allow you to organize your integrations and get more use out of them.

In this case, no DNS changes are required and you can continue to use your active WPX XDN if it is enabled.

More on plugin integration can be found here.

  • WPX XDN integration with Cloudflare and Ezoic.
  • You can use our WPX XDN with both Ezoic and Cloudflare. The process is complicated and you will need to make DNS changes.

Integration between Cloudflare and Ezoic occurs by linking both accounts, the active DNS zone will remain in Ezoic even though the NS record is pointed to Cloudflare. Records management will need to be managed from the Ezoic dashboard to work. There, you’ll need to add some A records that connect our WPX XDN to your website, to get it working. These are the three main ways you can connect your website to Ezoic. Remember that it is always best to set up the site and prepare for integration testing before doing any live promotion or activity during a planned campaign.

If there is a problem with the site, the troubleshooting process will be difficult and slow as it needs to check the website and make sure that the problem is related to the server or you have to do with any third party services like CloudFlare. or Ezoic.

If you have any other questions about this topic, please contact the WPX support team via live chat (use the widget on the bottom right) and they will respond and help in 30 seconds or less.


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