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Yelp for business – Yelp is how millions of users find small businesses in their area. And chances are, you personally use it to find businesses near you.

Yelp is good for the consumer, but also has great value for business owners. Yelp For Business Owners is a powerful tool for marketing small businesses to get the flow of customers to your business.

But as a small business owner, how can your business get into the Yelp search results page of your customers? In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know to learn how to use Yelp for business owners, including startup steps, costs, success tips, and more.

What Is Yelp for Business Owners?

Yelp is a website and mobile application that handles business ratings and updates as well as general company information. Much of the content is full of people, business customers uploading updates and / or photos based on their experiences.

You can add your business to Yelp if the listing is not yet available; if it does, you can “claim” the listing and manage it by adding business hours and website information or posting photos. You can also communicate with customers by responding to their response, whether positive or negative.

Yelp Business Listings is free, but you can choose to pay for certain advertising packages or other marketing services.

How to Use Yelp for Business

Step-1 : Find Your Yelp Page

Yelp contains a list of many businesses, by completing a short form you may want to add to your list and edit your business listing.
Make sure your business information includes the correct name, address, phone, number, and working hours.

Step- 2: Read and respond to customer reviews

After you want to list your business, work with updates, good and bad, via private or public message. The best reviews you get will make you a top performer on Yelp.

Step- 3: Post Content

Upload photos of your business to improve your chances of finding more business.
Offer special deals or gift certificates, this can be done with Yelp giving you performance statistics and storing data for users.

Step- 4: Trace statistics

Get access to statistics on how many people viewed your site and what percentage of those who were former

Step- 5 :Advertise on Yelp via PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Small businesses are able to pay and their listings appear at the top of search results or on competing pages.
These 5 steps are useful ways that users can make their Yelp list work for them, and as a result drive customers and make sales. Think Profits has a Reputation and Public Affairs program that can be customized and designed to meet your Yelp needs, as well as other forums. You can also check out our marketing tools on social media to promote your business across all social media platforms.

How to Use Yelp for Business Owners: 8 Steps to Get Started

For small local businesses and brick and mortar stores, using Yelp for business owners should be a must. Customers in your area are looking for small businesses like yours, so your business should be reflected in their Yelp search results.

But it’s not like you can just sign up for Yelp for business owners and expect instant results. You have to make some effort to get the most out of your Yelp business page before you can see the fullness of customers or product awareness. In addition, you will need to decide how much you will work for Yelp, and how much you will need to pay to use their features to reach new customers.

These steps will help you learn to use Yelp for business owners.

Step 1: Add your business.
This is a basic (but important) step to winning the Yelp game — add your business to Yelp.

If you want to be available on Yelp for business owners, you must be on Yelp for business owners.

To add your business to Yelp, follow these steps:

  • Visit the “Add Your Business” page to the Yelp Business Owners’ section of the website.
  • Enter the following information about your business: business name, address, phone number, web address, hours, categories, and email address.
  • Click “Add Business,” and you’re ready.

Yelp makes it easy to connect with new customers and grow your business- yelp business login

Here, you can see how easy it is to fill in the information needed to add your business to Yelp.

Photo source: yelp business login

Adding your business to Yelp business login is very easy — so there is no reason not to use Yelp for business owners.

Note that Yelp will take time to process shipments for each new business. You will be notified once your business has been approved, but it may take a day or two.

Step 2: Look for your business.
Alternatively, your small business may already be on Yelp, even if you have not yet registered Yelp for business owners. This means that your customer is likely to leave a review of your business, even if you do not have Yelp for business owners account. If your business already has a profile with a few updates, you can claim it as your own and set up your own Yelp Business Owners account. Just click “Manage my free listing” on Yelp for business owners and enter the details you are asked to enter. This is an obvious step to be found on Yelp, but it is important. If you do not want your business profile on Yelp, almost anyone can set up your business profile. Once you have claimed your business and have Yelp Business Owners Account, you have full control over how your business appears in Yelp Search. And, like the official Yelp member of a business owners, you have access to a list of tools that help you manage your profile, communicate with customers, post ads, and more — we’ll dive into how we can do this later.

Step 3: Create your own business profile in Yelp for Business.
Just as you want your customers to be highly informed when it comes to your entire business, you also want to be well informed when they come to your Yelp business profile.

So if you have added or sought your business on Yelp to business owners, it is time to upgrade your Yelp business page.

yelp login
yelp business login

First things first, make sure you include all the details of your business, and three times check that everything is fine. This is also where you can correct any incorrect information if you previously did not manage your Yelp profile.

In order to provide your customers with everything they need to know about your business connection, be sure to fully fill in your location, working hours, price range, and any other information you need to know. Keep an eye out for incorrect location details — after all, most Yelp searches are used to find a specific business location. And at that point, make sure the location information your customers can find on Yelp is the same as the one you see on Google or your business Facebook page.

Ensuring that all of your business information is up and running is part of compiling a complete Yelp profile. You may also want to consider adding images related to your business. Show off your freshly prepared spa, your favorite meal, or your best-looking haircut by adding photos of your products and services.

And to make sure your Yelp Business Owners page looks sharp, use only high quality images. The quality of your Yelp photos is a great opportunity to stand out in your competition, so aim for at least five high quality images that reflect your small business.

Step 4: Encourage review
Now that your Yelp Business Owners page has been set up and looks great, it’s time to bring customers to your business. And one of the most obvious and important ways to drive Yelp users to your business is to have a wealth of good customer reviews.

Good customer reviews bring your average star rating. And according to a Harvard Business School study, a one-star increase in reviews on Yelp brings in revenue of about 5% to 9% of business. [1]

Now, the judge is out on whether to ask your customers to review your business on your Yelp Owners Business page. Technically, Yelp lets you ask customers for good updates on your profile. (You can’t just pay them to get a good Yelp review or participate in a particular Yelp-review trading program.)

Requesting a Yelp update may be the way you should go if you know a customer who can give you a high update but just needs to move in to get the Yelp app. As long as you do not feel compelled to do so — and you are sure that they will give a good review — asking for a good response will not hurt you.

But as you know as an experienced small business owner, customer reviews are best if they come naturally to customers who love your business and want to share with others how amazing their feeling was.

The best way to get the most out of Yelp updates is to continue to provide a high quality product with excellent customer service. It’s that simple.

But here are a few other ways in which small business owners can naturally encourage reviews on their Yelp Business Owners page:

Let people know you’re on Yelp. Distribute your created Yelp page by email, by updating your social media profile, or by reaching out to people on your Facebook page. Make sure you include a Yelp ad on your website so your customers know you have a Yelp profile for business owners.
Put a physical Yelp logo on the front of your business. A way to encourage people to review your business on Yelp is to put the “We’re on Yelp!” sign at your front door or near your cash register. For more nudge, print some great Yelp reviews and place them next to the brand — it will help get your customers in the mood to leave similar good reviews.
Connect with customers who have reviewed you in the past. If your customers review you on Facebook, Google Plus, or other review sites, they may be happy to review you on Yelp. A quick inquiry from anyone who looks like something good to say about your business in the past is an easy way to get good customer reviews on Yelp.
Add your Yelp profile to your signature. If you keep in touch with your customers via email, let them know they can view your Yelp page by adding a link to your signature. Make sure you link your Yelp profile to any communication material you send to your customers.
When it comes to finding Yelp for business owners, positive customer reviews are essential. You have many options to promote reviews from happy customers — it just requires some ingenuity to come up with the best strategy for your business.

Step 5: Get positive reviews and delete unrelated ones.
Yelp has what is called a “review filter.” A review filter can be one of the most frustrating aspects of learning how to use Yelp for business owners.

Why Yelp’s for Business is Important?

However, the review filter is a function that alerts reviews that appear to be false or spam as “not recommended yet” by Yelp. But this is not a silly plan — Yelp is not always right. Some good reviews from your customers can be dropped down in the “Not recommended yet” category. That means those good ratings of four and five stars will not be included in your total Yelp rating.

Eligible Yelp updates marked in the review filter are usually those of one-time Yelp users, users who do not have full profiles, or those who regularly submit five-star updates. If you think you might have a good review hidden in the currently unsupported section, you can try to reach out to the reviewer to include them as an active user and let them know that their comments are not being seen.

Once you’ve met the best reviews you may have missed, read the reviews included in your Yelp rating.

Some non-star updates are valid and should be addressed. (Next, we will introduce a way to deal with negative online reviews.) But some of those one-, two- or three-star reviews came from customers who did not fully understand your business purpose or service, and did not have the information they were expecting.

In those cases, you can ask Yelp to review customer feedback and delete inappropriate comments. This is an opportunity to report inappropriate or non-compliant comments to Yelp Content Guidelines. (Yelp Content Guidelines are short and you should read them — you will be able to see updates that you can easily remove from your list.)

Step 6: Respond to customer updates.
Responding to updates to your Yelp profile is an important way to have an effective profile on Yelp for business owners — whether those updates are positive or negative.

Yelp’s search algorithm favors business owners who actively manage their company profile, so responding to updates can help increase your ranking in the site’s internal search engine.

When you receive a positive feedback from a customer, let them know you appreciate it — leave a real and personal comment thanking them for their business.

And while you always hope that every customer experience with your small business is right, negative reviews will appear on your Yelp small business page. When this happens, it is important that you respond to any customer complaints in an honest, constructive, and collected manner.
Nothing good can come of being angry at frustrated customers. While there may be some misunderstandings — and you are right — it is always best to apologize and ask how your product or services have been. Or, say publicly how you are trying to improve yourself — this shows your potential customers that you care about their experience in your small business. Once you’ve talked about this situation in public, consider sending customer messages privately to apologize and explain the situation.

In fact, negative reviews have a good chance of having a positive outlook once you have handled the situation and responded to the angry customer. And if your feedback removes fuel from their annoying review fire, you may be able to encourage the customer to review or edit their comments.

Finally, it is important to deal with negative customer reviews by responding to them appropriately.

Step 7: Make announcements and expand your offer.
If you have a significant update or change in your business, announce it on your Yelp Business Owners page. Maybe you have put together a new alcoholic dessert menu, or you have a hot winter auction.

Let your customers know that now is the best time to visit your business using the Yelp Advertising Tool. This Yelp Business Owners tool is an easy way to stay connected with customers and attract potential customers. All you have to do is create an ad and publish it on your Yelp page.

And while you’re at it, you can maximize your offers and deals to customers who get you through Yelp. Offer discounts on services or meals, special one-on-one purchases, or gift certificates for new customers. Anything that encourages your customers to come to the door of your business is worth promoting on Yelp.

Or you could try using one of Yelp’s official “Yelp Deals”. Yelp Deals allows you to offer the discount demanded by Yelp users through the site. Yelp then promotes your profile to a wider audience of Yelp users to monetize the deal. All of this means more eye contact on your Yelp page — and your business. One thing to note: Yelp does not charge you for using the Yelp Deal, but will charge a percentage of any transaction fees.

Step 8: Use your Yelp dashboard.
How is your business doing on Yelp? Are you found? Is it delivering the needle for your small business?

Fortunately, you do not need to measure your performance on Yelp blindly. Yelp keeps business owners in the dark with the Yelp dashboard. If you have a Yelp Business Owners profile, you can track your sub-metric metrics on your business operations on Yelp.
You can track the amount of traffic your Yelp profile receives, see how often your business appears in the Yelp search result, or track your “User Actions” to see how users interact with your business’s Yelp profile.


If you really dig into it, Yelp’s in-house web analytics tools can tell you exciting things about how Yelp is a valuable customer for your business. And if you see that Yelp is adding value to your business, then perhaps it is time for you to upgrade from free Yelp for business owners and start paying for advertising on Yelp.

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