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Yelp for Business Scrapper- is a reliable source for extracting information about local businesses such as restaurants, shops, Home Services, Car Services, etc. You can use web scraping to extract yelp data such as phone numbers, updates, address, etc. The scraper we build. in this tutorial we will cover Yelp data for any keyword and location.

First, we will create a python scraper to extract the Yelp business listing page from the Yelp search results keyword and location (zip code, region, city). This scraper will extract information such as business name, rank, rating, revision value, and business URL.

Then we will create a Yelp business details scraper that will extract data from the Yelp business URL based on the URLs extracted from the original scraper. This will crawl the Yelp business pages for information such as business name, contact details, working hours, and services.

Ultimate Guide for Yelp for Business 2022

How to Build a Scraper to Scrape Yelp for Business Data

  • Construct the URL for the search results page from Yelp to extract the business listings data. (example –
  • Download the HTML of the search result page using Python Requests and parse the page using LXML.
  • Save the business listings data to a CSV file and select a business URL from the scraped data.
  • Download the HTML of the selected business URL using Requests and parse it using LXML.
  • Scrape Yelp data and save it as a JSON file.

Yelp for Business Listings Scraper

We will be extracting the following details from a business listing page from Yelp:

  1. Business Name
  2. Rank
  3. Number of Reviews
  4. Category
  5. Rating
  6. Address
  7. Price Range
  8. Business URL

Below is a screenshot of the data we will be extracting from Yelp.

Yelp for Business Data scrapper

Yelp for Business Directory Data Scraping – Scrape or Extract Yelp listing Business Directory Data

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Yelp for Business Scraper


1. Install Python 3 and Pip:

2. Packages

For this web scraping tutorial using Python 3, we will need some packages for downloading and parsing the HTML. Below are the package requirements:

3. Constructing Input URL

We will need to input a search result URL to the scraper. For example, here is the one for Washington-

We’ll have to create this URL manually to scrape the business listings from that page.

The Code to Scrape Yelp Data

You can download the code from the GitHub link 

If you would like the code in Python 2.7 check out the link at

Running the Scraper

Save the script with any name, we saved this as If you type in the script name in command prompt or terminal along with a -h:

usage: [-h] place keyword
positional arguments:
 place    Location/ Address/ zip code
 keyword  Any keyword
optional arguments:
 -h, --help show this help message and exit

A keyword is any type of business. You can use any business type available in such as – Restaurants, Health, Home Services, Hotels, Education, etc.

Run the script using python with arguments for place and keyword. The argument for place can be provided as a location, address, or zip code.

Here is how to run the command to find top 10 restaurants in Washington D.C. Put the arguments as 20001 for place and Restaurants for keyword:

python3 20001 Restaurants

This should create a CSV file called scraped_yelp_results_for_20001.csv that will be in the same folder as the script.

Here is some sample data extracted from for the command above.

Screenshot 1

You can download the code at

Let us know in the comments how this scraper worked for you.

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