James Bond: A Long-Lost Moonraker Script Has Been Found, And It's A Big Deal For 007 Fans On Several Fronts

Since its release in 1979, Moonraker has been simultaneously one of the most infamous and hotly debated entries in the history of James Bond movies. In its final form, the Roger Moore-led 007 film was wildly different from its source novel, chasing the Star Wars trend that was sweeping Hollywood. However, a long lost Moonraker script written by Ian Fleming himself has resurfaced, and it’s a huge deal for several reasons when compared to what we got.  

Apparently the author who created James Bond was very keen on getting 007 to the movies. So much so that in a report from The Guardian, it was revealed that a 150-page document outlining how Fleming wanted to adapt Moonraker into a feature film had entered into the collection of an antiquarian book shop in England. This is a big deal in terms of Bond history for two reasons: it was Ian Fleming’s only screenplay, and it was written in 1956, shortly after the book was published.

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