Star Wars: Who Was Yoda's Jedi Master?

The Jedi, previously known as the Lord Jedi, devoted themselves to protecting the state of peace across the galaxy in Star Wars. They strived to reach tranquility while mastering the Light Side of the Force. Jedi were viewed as guardians over democracy prior to the reign of the Galactic Republic as they defended against the threat of the Sith. Those who identified as Jedi were asked to contend with their pacifist attitudes and participate in the Clone Wars. At the core of their philosophy, they withheld their title of peacekeepers before assuming the role of soldiers. Throughout Star Wars history, the Jedi Order was faced with rogue members and direct opposition from more than just the Sith Lords. For instance, they clashed with the Ordo Aspectu and the Mandalorians in a number of wars. The conflict between the Jedi and opposing groups resulted in anti-Jedi propaganda, which agitated the reputation of the religious order. The decisions of the Jedi were formalized by the High Council, a consummate group composed of Jedi Masters and other high-ranking Jedi who assembled to calculate decisions for the Jedi Order. Among them was Jedi Master Yoda.

Yoda has been an enigmatic and principal character that is vital to the Star Wars franchise. His species was never established, though his profound and powerful connection to the Force speaks to his ability as a Jedi. Others of his kind were known to live for centuries, and most of them followed the way of the Force. Though they resemble the Lannik, their official classification has been an ancient mystery. Yoda was 100 years old when he was deemed suited to take on the role of a Jedi Master. Yoda participated in negotiations and represented the Jedi when there was a push for peace and harmonious coexistence prior to the Invasion of Naboo. The influence and impact that was left across the galaxy by Yoda have been incalculable. Just as he has been eager to share his teachings with others, he, too, was once a student. Star Wars is constantly refreshed and enriched with lore that continually supplements itself while exploring the answers to the most obscure questions. Yoda was an illustrious Jedi Master and remarkable figure amid the galaxy. Before he rose to prominence, he was a Padawan who was taught the Jedi Code by a Master of his own. The question to be answered: who was Yoda’s Jedi Master?

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What is the Role of a Jedi Master?

Jedi Masters were the highest-ranking Jedi, as outlined by Looper, and could only proclaim themselves as a master following the approval of the Jedi Council. Their outstanding understanding of the Force and how to optimally internalize it. If they so wished, those who were viewed as Jedi Masters were welcome to participate as members of the Jedi Council. The central role of a Jedi Master was the responsibility of training young Padawans and guiding them on their journey to becoming Jedi Knights. Jedi Masters could opt to teach a singular Padawan or challenge themselves by overseeing the guidance of multiple pupils at once. Jedi Masters were viewed as leaders among the Order and were expected to share their wealth of knowledge with the galaxy by acting as positive representatives for the organization. Their respective rank deemed Jedi Masters fit for leadership.

Who was Yoda’s Jedi Master?

K’Nata Del Gormo learned the Way of the Force and had excelled to the rank of a Jedi Master on his swamp-like home world. A serpentine Jedi, he was stumbled upon by Yoda, who later became his Padawan. His offer followed his discovery that Yoda was a Force-sensitive being before his Padawan would depart on his journey to Coruscant. The timing of Yoda’s departure was instrumental to his arrival at the Jedi Temple, where he would continue to work his way through the Jedi Order hierarchy.

Yoda was later trained by Huyang as his second Jedi Master during his time as a Padawan. Huyang was a professor droid who had passed along his wisdom to countless Padawans over the extent of thousands of years. Though Huyang was incapable of being Force-sensitive, as droids were unable to harbor a personal connection with the Force, his most impactful lesson with Yoda was during the Gathering, where he detailed the steps of constructing a lightsaber after Padawans retrieved their Kyber Crystals.

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Did Yoda Ever Have Any Padawans?

Just as Yoda was a Padawan himself, his time as a Grand Jedi Master was greatly rewarding to his time as a student. As per Screen Rant, rumors suggest that there were nearly 20,000 Padawans who were given the privilege of studying under the Grand Master. The training of Luke Skywalker on Dagobah remains to be one of the most iconic and recognizable moments of the franchise’s earlier releases, though the teachings of Yoda stretch far beyond Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. (Luke, like Yoda, was later bestowed the ranking of becoming a Master himself.)

Among the infinity of Padawan taught under Yoda, Count Dooku was the curious creature’s last student. Dooku respected the seniority of his Master, but could not be fully convinced that the Jedi Code and its ruling were to be followed loyally. He was more inclined towards political ruling instead of adherent to the Way of the Force that was shared with him by Yoda. After his departure from the Jedi Order and stepping back from his mentorship under the watchful eye of Yoda, Dooku found new apprenticeship under Darth Sidious.

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