Chhattisgarh Governor’s official Twitter handle hacked twice in 2-3 hours

Technical team was trying to secure the account of the Governor on twitter till reports last came in.

Raipur:The official twitter handle of Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey was hacked twice within two-three hours on Thursday. According to the officers of the Raj Bhawan, a team of experts were working on it to secure the account of the Governor on twitter. The Raj BHawanwas also planning to file a FIR in the case. 

It may be mentioned, the official Twitter handle of the Chhattisgarh Governor is under constant cyber attack. 

On Thursday, American-Canadian businessman Elon Musk put a post on Twitter and he wrote, “Cryptocurrency is a great idea on many levels and we believe its future is promising.” While putting a link to em4crypt.com, it was said in that post, let’s all support it together. Tagging this post a reply was posted from the official handle of the Governor of Chhattisgarh, describing this as a big news. After that, for the next half an hour, the same sentence was written 15 more times in different ways. Later it was written that it is a big day! 

When the officials of Raj Bhawan were talked to about this, they were not even aware. An investigation confirmed the hacking of the Governor’s official twitter handle. The technical team of social media management at Raj Bhawan recovered the account of the Governor and changed the password. All messages from the suspected hacker were also erased. But the account was hacked again an hour after the restoration.

This is the second time the hacker has challenged the social media managers of Raj Bhawan. The same post by Elon Musk was tagged and written, finally in May. After that it was written nine times “It looks easy.”

Raj Bhawan PRO Harsha Puranik said that the team of experts was trying to secure the Twitter handle of the Governor while terming this as a serious issue. Legal angles are also be explored, so that the hackers can be punished under the defined rules. An official complaint will be lodged with police, she said.

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