CM Baghel gets a cacophony of figures on the Loan Waiver question.

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Raipur. One lakh twenty thousand, one lakh 40 thousand, 1 lakh 85 thousand, my 2 lakh. Anyone listening to the figures would feel like it’s an auction, but it is not. These are the figures for loan waiver, which the farmers are conveying in one voice to the Chief Minister.
On Wednesday, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached Mangarelgarh village of Surguja district under the meeting program. When the Chief Minister asked the farmers, whose loans have not been waived? If there is any farmer who has not got the benefit?
On hearing this, the farmers started revealing the information about their waiver to the Chief Minister. There was a competition among all the farmers to expose the amount. Seeing the happiness of the farmers, the Chief Minister also congratulated them.

Farmer Ramkumar Gupta of Patela village said that his loan of Rs 2 lakh was waived off, which helped him a lot. Ramkumar said, that due to the loan waiver, he bought a tractor, because of which he can farm better. This time he has sold 500 sacks of paddy, which has made a good profit. Apart from this, now they are also able to teach children well.

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