More than 94 thousand applications received for school admission under RTE.

Dispatch News.
To provide education to underprivileged children, the state government had invited applications under the Right to Education (RTE). School Education Minister Dr Premsai Singh said that 94,989 applications were received from all over the state for the Right to Education Act. There are 83,490 total RTE seats in the state.
The minister said that, under this act, needy students get an opportunity to study in private schools. Under RTE, there is a provision to recruit 25% of seats in private schools.
He said that, at present, the nodal officers are scrutinizing documents the applications received as per the criteria; this will continue till May 31. After this, the eligible students will get seats through a lottery between June 3 and 15. The admission process of selected students to schools will be from June 16 to 30.

The Education Minister said that due to more applications in the same school, the seat remains vacant.

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