Won’t let Nagarnar Steel Plant go into private hands, whether it’s run by central or state govt: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur: We won’t let Nagarnar Steel Plant get into private hands. We won’t let it sell under any circumstances whether it is run by the State or the Central Government. The Chief Minister said so in his address during the Bhent Mulaqat Program held in Nangur. 

He said that he has always stayed connected with the interests and well-being of the residents of Nagarnar. He has also protested and participated in Padyatras. The Chief Minister also added that the Nagarnar Plant Management has to employ our daughters. During the program, the residents of Nagarnar requested the Chief Minister to open a college there. The Chief Minister said that Plant Management will be given the responsibility to open the college. As they have taken the land from our people, they must build the college. The Chief Minister supervised the implementation of Government schemes in Nangur. The villagers said that they are reaping all the benefits of the schemes of the State Government. 

“Had never seen Rs. One Lakh in life, made a deal of Rs. 12 Lakh in this season this year” – Suman Baghel, a beneficiary of Van Dhan Yojana, told the Chief Minister. She added that the scheme has helped in providing reasonably good rates for forest produce, which is immensely benefitting the collectors. We go to Haat Bazaars and make purchases from collectors at Government rates. They are delighted at getting such good prices. We had never seen even Rs. 1 Lakh in our lives but are now making a deal of Rs. 12 Lakh in one season. We are buying Harad, Behera, Tamarind, and Giloy in large quantities. Earlier, tamarind was sold at Rs. 25 in Bazaars, which has now increased to Rs. 35. 

Sadhna gifted corn grown in her fields to the Chief Minister – The local residents are very excited about the Chief Minister’s Bhent Mulaqat program. The economic empowerment of women through livelihood-oriented activities is seen in the Bhent Mulaqat program. Such a moment was encountered in Nangur when a villager Sadhna Kashyap told the Chief Minister how she is supporting herself economically by farming and working in Gauthan. She said that she has grown corn in her fields which she wants to offer him as a present. The Chief Minister expressed his happiness at Sadhna’s gesture and praised her. Sadhna said that she belongs to the Chandni Self-Help Group and their organization has sold Vermicompost worth Rs. 1 Lakh 80 Thousand in the Gauthan. 

Nangur will become a complete Tehsil, a Police Station will also open here – On this occasion, the Chief Minister also made some special announcements for the development of Nangur. He declared the up-gradation of Nangur Subtehsil into a complete Tehsil. He also announced the opening of a college, Swami Atmanand English Medium School, and a Co-operative Bank branch here. A police station will also be opened in Nangur. The village will also have the facility of 108 ambulances. He also declared that the High School in Martyr Gundadhur’s birthplace Netanar will be developed into a Higher Secondary School.

He also announced the up-gradation of the High Schools in Panarapara, Bhairamganj, Bandapara, Poragud, Dhanpunji, and Turenar into Higher Secondary Schools during his discussion with the public in the Chaupal. He also announced that an additional Swami Atmanand English Medium School will be opened in Jagdalpur. Baghel said that as per the expansion of public facilities, a road between the National Highway and Lal Bagh will be built. The beautification work for the Bhutha Pond in Chandrashekar Ward will also be undertaken. He also announced the construction of a new building for the Maharani Lakshmibai Higher Secondary Girls School No. 1 in Jagdalpur.

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