“You have changed the face of Naxal-affected area by repairing and renovating the roads, the camps and the schools”, said ex-Naxalite Commander Madkam to CM Baghel

Raipur: “Dear Chief Minister, you have changed the face of Naxal affected areas by ensuring the repair and renovation of roads, camps and schools. Now people in these areas do not have the fear of Naxalites. They want to move forward, progress and get the benefits of government schemes”, said Madkam Mudraj, who was once a naxalite commander. He narrated his past to chief minister Bhupesh Baghel at the Chaupal programme held in Konta and expressed his desire to shake hands with him.

The Chief Minister affably placed his hand on Madkam’s shoulder and shook hands with him. Chief Minister appreciated and clapped for Madkam for his courageous return to the mainstream.

Earlier, Madkam carried a gun in his hand to terrorize and kill people, and today, he carried the weapon to save people. Madkam said that when he was a part of the Naxalite organization, he had to shed the blood of his own brothers. And it lay extremely heavily on his conscience. He could not sleep because of the agonizing guilt. Then one day he decided to surrender. He went on to become an SPO after surrendering. Later, he made his way up to the post of constable, ASI, SI and now he is DRG Inspector.

His wife also had to undergo Naxalite training

Madkam said that when they were part of the Naxalite organization, him and his wife had to undergo intense training. However, both of them later decided to give up this path of violence against their own fellowmen. Now they have returned to the mainstream and they are living a good life.

Today, our children have a decent lifestyle

Madkam said that today they have acquired a decent social status. With his stable job and good salary, Madkam is providing a decent lifestyle and proper education to his children.

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